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Voice recognition software allows any user to speak into almost any software application at about 150-160 words per minute and with a success rate of around 98%. (About twice as fast as a good WP operator can type).á It has been particularly successful in the medical (GPs, radiology, pathology, Orthopaedics etc) and legal professions where VoiceText can offer specialised vocabularies (including a Scottish legal vocabulary). Many of our disabled clients operate their computers totally without touching the keyboard or mouse.á Its accuracy is just astonishing...

Start-up companies, unable to afford secretarial services, also benefit from speech recognition technology as well as the much larger organisations that have to make some dramatic cuts as a result of the credit crunch.á Quite apart from the pouring of text into a document, speech recognition will automatically open up the appropriate template to allow the user to populate the various fields.á Digital dictation can also be used effectively to squirt data into a document once the client returns to the office e.g. doctors making house calls, lawyers consulting with their clients at court etc.

VoiceText are a Dragon/Nuance Premier Partner and also a Healthcare Partner.á VoiceText have been involved in this technology for the past 16 years (formed in 1992) and have almost 2000 clients.á VoiceText are not involved in any other products.á Free 12 months telephone support is offered to anyone purchasing the product -- the support line is open from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday.á (Try it at the weekend -- it is very often answered)

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